Purva Sharegistry

Registrars to Initial Public Offer (IPO) & Share Transfer Agents (STA)

Since 1991

Purva Sharegistry (India) Pvt. Ltd. (Purva)

Commenced in 1986 by Mr. Rajesh Shah, Purva Sharegistry Pvt Ltd. is a leading Registrar to Issue and Share Transfer Agent delivering a vast array of solutions for a large and diverse customer base.

We invest heavily in our workforce and technology to provide flexible and reliable service to meet client requirements. We follow a focused strategy to hire and develop our talent, and allow them to take ownership to provide exceptional customer service. Our executives contribute decades upon decades of senior management experience and offer the business insight needed to serve our clients. Our employees understand that customer service is our first priority and they focus on building a relationship of trust and a thorough understanding of our customers' business.

Supporting our portfolio of services is our state of the art technology. We have an in-house team of software professionals who are continually updating our software to deliver seamless solutions to our increasing clientele. Our key to success is innovation and we believe that technology can truly help optimize customer workflows and deliver useful, accurate, and timely information and services.

Our services include

With over 20 years of operations in high volume registrar and transfer services, our domain expertise includes:

  • Registrars to IPO (Including ASBA Applications)
  • Registrars to Rights Issue (Including ASBA Applications)
  • Registrars to Open Offer as per SEBI Take Over Guidelines
  • Share Transfer Agents
  • Dematerialization of Commercial Papers
  • Depository Connectivity Services with National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Ltd. (CDSL)
  • Registrar and Transfer Agents for Debentures